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​Ballet Connection
in Toky
o 2024
March 8 - 10, 2024

Application accepted from September 1st 2023

★Discount for participants of 2023 Ballet Connection Enchaînement Selection 
★Pre-competitive division will be open to participants as young as 8 years old from 2024 competition

​Ballet Connection in Tokyo 2024


March 2024

8th  Workshops (Free of charge, Non-judgement)

9th  Pre-competitive A/B  

10th   Junior A/B, Senior


8th                         Parthenon TAMA Small Hall (on stage)

9th and 10th Parthenon TAMA Grand Hall


Parthenon TAMA:Ochiai 2-35, Tama city, Tokyo


Parthenon TAMA

5 minutes by walk from Tama Center Station of Keio Sagamihara line, Odakyu Tama line, or Tama Monorail line


【Non-Judgement Workshop】

March 8, 2024

Parthenon TAMA Small Hall on stage


March 8, Friday

Parthenon TAMA Small Hall on stage


Pre-competitive A 

10:00~11:30   Lesson - Mr. Paul Boyd

11:30~13:10    Individual coaching up to 10 applicants  - Mr. Paul Boyd

Mr. Paul Boyd (Head of Academy Program & Resident Choreographer of Queensland Ballet Academy)

Pre-competitive B

13:30~15:00 Lesson - Ms. Rebekah Rimsay 

15:00~16:40 Individual coaching up to 10 applicants - Ms. Rebekah Rimsay

Ms. Rebekah Rimsay (Ballet Teacher & Rehearsal Director at Canada’s National Ballet School)


Junior A and above

17:00~18:30 Lesson - Mr. Edward Ellison

18:30~20:10 Individual coaching up to 10 applicants - Mr. Edward Ellison

Mr. Edward Ellison (Artistic director/Founder of Ellison Ballet)

*Please note that the schedule and instructors are subject to change for unavoidable reasons.

Application form for Ballet Connection March 8 individual coaching for variations

Applications will be accepted from 12:00 p.m. on January 28. Priority will be given to those who have already entered the competition, on a first-come, first-served basis. If you wish to participate, please apply using the form above.


* Time schedule are subject to change.

* The class may increase or decrease depending on the number of participants. We start from class with younger age.

【Divisions and Review】
* Over junior A put on pointe shoes.
​* We review Enchaînement Selection for pre-competitive division A in 2024. Pre-competitive division A will receive the Enchainment video a week before the competiton. Other group will learn the
Enchaînement on the day of the competition. ​
* Men's grpup have added since 2024.

We review all divisions for variation and Enchaînement Selection.

Ranking will be made by the total points of variation and Enchaînement Selection.

Each of ranking for variation review and Enchaînement Selection will be announced as well.

* We deliver the judgement sheet to all the participants.

* We do not give the points to the students whose teacher may be in the member of the judges.

【Variation performance】

Up to 2 minutes and half. Disqualified if exceeded.

・Wear classic ballet costume.

Reverence is not necessary.

・Certain works, such as revisions by recent choreographers, require permission or copyright fees from the copyright owner. Ballet Connection is not responsible for these matters. Please take responsibility for your own application and payment.

Put on the stage makeup for the variation review.


・Prepare 1 CD-ROM and submit it at the reception. 
・Each participant prepares two CDs (one for the performance and the other for the back-up).
・Record only one piece of music onto the CD, and set it to start from the top as it begins.

Write down the following onto your CD-ROM and its hard case:

     1) bib number 2) participant’s name 3) name of the performance piece 4) stage appearance 5) the cue

・Do not put any sticker to the CD-ROM which may cause the trouble to the sound device.

・If the participant comes with the music to the stage, his/her teacher or attendant needs to give the cue to the

    sound operator. Please talk with the stage manager about this cue when dress rehearsal.

・Sound needs to be either audio CD, WAV, or PM3. We do not accept CD-RW or DVD.

・Please make sure to check playback on multiple devices (CD players, etc.) in advance. Disqualified if it does not 

    play properly.

【Enchaînement Selection】



Leotard (camisole or tank top must be worn. No fluorescent colors, patterns, long sleeves, halter necks or high necks.)

Skin-colored tights

Skin-colored ballet shoes

No short pants, no skirt


White shirt

Black or gray tights

Black or white shoes


Please prepare two sheets of bib number and put them in the front and back of your shirt or costume.

* The number will be announced a month before the competition.

Ballet shoes are needed for all the division for Enchaînement Selection.


Ranking will be announced in each of the General/Enchaînement/Va Selection.

・Pre-Competitive A/B division

 Awards for 1st to 5th place in each age group

・Junior A/B

 Awards from 1st to 15th place


 Awards up to the 5th place

* The number of awards may increase or decrease depending on the number of entries.

Scholarship Partner Schools】

Canada's National Ballet School

Ellison Ballet 

The Queensland Ballet Academy

Bolshoi Ballet Academy

Novosibirsk State Choreographic College

Goh Ballet Academy

Tallinn International Ballet Masterclasses

Lithuanian National Ballet School 

Encinitas Ballet Academy & Arts Center

ARCHITANZ Training Program

Japan Ballet Theatre

The Hammond

​KS Dance

We will update this section as needed.


Only online application

Please apply from our homepage “Application”.


September 1, 2023 ~ January 31, 2024 

For the participants who only attend the workshop on the 8th and do not for the competition, the deadline is February 20, 2024.

* Deadline is subject to change and registration will be closed when capacity is reached.

Fees and Admission】

Name of the bank: The Tama Shinkin Bank

Branch: Machida branch

Account #: 0021429

Name: Ballet Connection

​Fees: 35,000yen (for all divisions)

* The fee includes the judgement sheet for Variation review and Enchaînement Selection.

* The participants of the last Ballet Connection in 2023, the fee is 34,000yen.

Please write down your bib number of the 2023 competition or coupon code when applying. If not, the discount will not be applied.

Workshop (Non-judgement)

Competition participant: 6,000yen

Only the workshop participant: 10,000yen

Admission fee for the competition: 2,000yen/whole day (please purchase the ticket on the day)

Admission fee for the workshop: 3,000yen /whole day (please purchase the ticket on the day)

【Terms of Participation/Disclaimer】Please be sure to read the following

・Please come to the venue at the time of registration that we announce for each participant.​

・Please do not leave any trash at the venue.


・Please keep your valuables at your own risk. Ballet Connection organizers, sponsors, and venues are not responsible for any theft, loss, accident, injury, illness, or viral infection that may occur at the venue, including the parking lot. All such problems are the sole responsibility of, or to be resolved between, the parties involved.


・Please understand that the phots taken at the workshop, review, and Enchaînement Selection will be posted on our website, or any other SNS of the Ballet Connection.

・The government has announced that it will "respect the individual's independent choice and leave the wearing of masks to the individual's judgment" regarding the concept of wearing masks after March 13, 2023.

Please use your own judgment regarding the wearing of masks after March 13, 2023. (After March 13, 2023)

​・The COVID-19 infection control measure are subject to the conditions of the facilities (hall and studio) to be used.

・Please apply by filling out all of the requirements. After the application, any change of music, stage appearance and sound cue is only acceptable only once until January 31, 2024. We do not accept the change on the day of the event.

・Please make the payment to the designated bank account within 14 days after the application.

We will inform you if we do not see any confirmation of payment. If we are unable to contact you after 20 days of your application, your application will be deemed invalid.

​​・The cancellation fees are as follows: 

In the event of a refund, a refund fee will be deducted.
 Cancellation by December 31, 2023: 50% of the payment
 Cancellation after January 1, 2024: 100% of the payment

​・Contestant/Instructor passes must be carried in the dressing rooms at all times. No one without a pass will be allowed to enter the dressing rooms.

・Unauthorized entry to the staff or judges' dressing rooms is prohibited. In some cases, you will be disqualified.

・Any behavior that interferes with the operation of the competition or causes inconvenience to other participants is strictly prohibited. In some cases, we will refuse any involvement in Ballet Connection related events or events sponsored by other companies.

・Please note that all information on this website is subject to change without notice. Any changes will be clearly stated on this website.

・If you do not understand the Terms of Participation and Disclaimer, please do not apply for participation.

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